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For the duration of my summer off, I will be streaming 4 times a week (on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday) with varying times based on the day of the week. This schedule will allow me to connect with my beloved subscribers ever so more, and I'm very excited to have adopted it! Be on the lookout for my Tweets as well as I announce my streams there. See you when I'm LIVE!


Hello ladies and gentleman, and welcome to the TuxBird website! I'm a flightless gaming enthusiast with a goal of bringing entertaining videos to everyone. I'm a passionate gaming YouTuber from the depths of the Antarctica wasteland. I upload videos twice a week, with occasional streams and other events on top of that! Entertainment is my speciality, and making people happy is my mission. I mainly upload videos of The Division, Rainbow Six: Siege, and PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS! My friends and I strive to create a positive, fun environment where we can all play and enjoy games together.

+ to read more about me and the games I play, check out the About page!

The Division Rainbow Six Siege